The mercenary has always had a tough life. Lately, life has gotten tougher.

The mysterious Clans invaded from beyond known space and took over a major chunk of the Inner Sphere, stopping only when ComStar troops fought them to a standstill and forced them to agree to a temporary truce on Tukayyid. House Lords and mercenary commanders took over control of the Mercenary Review Board from Com Star and renamed it the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission. The Clan war and ComStar’s Primus Waterly’s failed grab for total power over the Inner Sphere split ComStar into two groups, ComStar and Word of Blake, who are at each other’s throats. These days, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Just to make a living-hell, just to stay alive, a merc must depend only on himself and his troops. In a universe
where every potential employer might be playing political games, the mercenary must stay honorable and trustworthy as a matter of policy.

Now more than ever, reputation is everything.

Atrox Fortuna (PC MERC UNIT)

Null Set