Jaime Wolf

Jaime Wolf, the commander of Wolf's Dragoons, is short, compactly built, and muscular, with gray hair and an angular face that gives little away. His exact age is unknown.


A legendary leader, Jaime Wolf’s undeniable charisma comes from his confidence that he can handle any situation that arises. Unlike most MechWarriors, Wolf wears his many battle scars without arrogance. He accepts them, along with the responsibility he bears, as a natural part of his life.


Jaime Wolf, a Clan freebirth MechWarrior, was assigned in 3004 to lead the unit that would come to be known as Wolf’s Dragoons. This Clan force arrived in the Inner Sphere disguised as a mercenary unit, to judge the Inner Sphere’s military, economic and political might in
preparation for a Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. By taking military service with each of the Successor States, the Dragoons would provide the Clan Grand Council with a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses of the Clans’ future opponents. Wolf’s Dragoons served with each ruling House of the Inner Sphere, returning to Clan space in 3009 to make their first report: Sent back to gain further information, they returned once more for supplies, but by the end of the Third Succession War stopped sending reports to the Clans. In the war against the Clans, Wolf’s Dragoons fought for the Inner Sphere. As of 3054, the Dragoons are established on Outreach, with Jaime Wolf still acting as their leader.

Jaime Wolf

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