Precentor Grath Hansen

Precentor Garth Hansen is an older man with white hair, of medium height and build. He has a hard, full bearded face and long, bony, delicate fingers.


At first, Precentor Hansen seems like a befuddled, kindly grandfather, the sort who gives his grandkids money on the sly to go see a holo or spend an afternoon at the BattleMech simulation center. He enjoys a good joke, and looks as though he might easily break into a
smile or a laugh.


Because Hansen grew up under the care of ComStar, the Order represents the only family and belief system he knows. Taken under the wing of Precentor Beignard Stromboli, a trusted Friend of Precentor Demona Aziz, Hansen became devoted to the word of Jerome Blake.
His connections with Stromboli and Aziz led to Hansen’s official designation as Precentor upon the aftermath of the Word of Blake ComStar split.

Precentor Grath Hansen

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