Smokin' Aces

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Dragoons Rating: C
Commander: Capt. Markell
Unit Holdings


Over the course of its history the Smokin’ Aces accepted contracts for corporate garrison duty, security detail, raiding as well as subcontracting as oversize recon force for larger mercenary units. Aside from a willingness to engage in dishonorable conduct when confronted by a superior force, the unit had not attracted a record of note. By 3050 the unit had successfully completed sixteen contracts with only two defaults.

Clan Invasion

Immediately prior to the Clan Invasion the Smokin’ Aces were under contract to the Free Rasalhague Republic and stationed on the Rasalhague Province world of Damian.
Targeted as part of Clan Ghost Bear’s first invasion wave in March 3050 by the 34th Striker Trinary of the 8th Bear Cuirassiers, while the 34th expected to face the Aces they were disappointed to find that unit had seemingly broken contract for a third time and fled, leaving a small garrison before moving on. Faced with certain destruction, the Aces however had gone into hiding and waited, emerging to overrun the small Clan force the left behind. Realizing the Ghost Bears would return to extract their revenge, the Aces broadcast a distress call via ComStar, ensuring that some type of relief force would respond by offering Clantech salvage to any unit that replied.

Enraged by the mercenaries’ treachery, the Ghost Bears indeed returned during their second wave to take back Damien, offering no mercy to the forces of the Smokin’ Aces. Engaging in unorthodox tactics, including wrapping their BattleMechs in huge swaths of burlap before submerging their ’Mechs in a ice lake to mask their initial counter-attack against the arriving Bears, the Aces gave as good they got, surviving until the arrival of a DCMS task force responding their call allowed them to escape off-world, but not before losing their entire first company.

Gaining passage to the Republic world of Memmingen, the surviving elements of the Aces would form an alliance with the equally battered Ronin mercenary unit. Targeted during Clan Wolf’s fifth invasion wave in November 3051, the combined “Smokin’ ”/wikis/ronin" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ronin" would take heavy losses against the Wolves 37th Strike Cluster before they pulled out around the time as the KungsArmé’s 3rd Drakøn.

With the combined Smokin’ Ronin withdrawing this time to Ueda, with the immediate danger over after the Battle of Tukayyid, the surviving members of the original Smokin’ Aces decided to stay on with the Ronin, working as a sub contractor. Returning to Outreach to the amazement of many, having being listed as missing and presumed destroyed, the Aces set about rebuilding, its supply of Clantech salvage and the fact they survived contact with the invaders making them an attractive command to employ despite their checked history, only enhanced by the unit’s fire to avenge their losses against the Clans.

Smokin' Aces

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