Marauder MAD-3D


The Marauder was first built in 2612, as the MAD-1R Marauder, for use as an attack and direct fire support ’Mech. The Marauder is one of the most well-known ’Mechs in existence and was built to usher in a new generation of BattleMechs. Unfortunately, with the fall of the Star League, the new generation of ’Mechs the Marauder was to herald never quite materialized. On its own merits the Marauder is a devastatingly powerful ’Mech. The Marauder has powerful offensive capabilities and a top speed of 64.8 km/h.

The design does have a couple of drawbacks; the armor protection of only eleven and a half tons is lower than most ’Mechs in the heavy weight class, particularly in the legs. The ’Mech can also run hot if the pilot overtaxes the heat sinks.


The Marauder’s weapons and damage profile depends on the long-range capabilities of its two Magna Hellstar PPCs and the GM Whirlwind Autocannon/5. These three weapons all have similar range profiles that allow the Marauder use all three of them to their maximum effect at long ranges. At close ranges, the Marauder relies on its two Magna Mk II Medium Lasers which provide adequate defense against other ’Mechs.


The 3D Marauder is a modification of the ’Mech that removes its ammunition dependency. In order to do this, the 3D removes the Autocannon/5 and replaces it with a Large Laser. The saved weight is used to add four heat sinks to the ’Mech to handle the added heat burden from the Large Laser

Marauder MAD-3D

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