Battlemaster BLR-1D

Production Specifications Armament
Model: BLR-1G Mass: 85 tons 1x PPC
Class: Assault Chassis: Hollis Mark X 6x Medium Lasers
Cost: 8,501,243 C-bills Armor: StarGuard 2x Machine Guns
Engine: VOX 340 1x SRM-6
Comms System: HartfordCo COM 4000
Targeting Tracking System: HarfordCo XKZ 1
Speed: 64.8 km/h



Versatile and powerful, the BattleMaster was one of the best known ’Mechs in existence. Hollis Industries began production in 2633,2 originally designing it to be the largest and most powerful ’Mech on the battlefield.6 It has since been eclipsed in both size and firepower by larger and more advanced ’Mechs. Despite this, the BattleMaster was still capable of causing a great deal of damage to any unit that it engaged and was capable of carrying out many different roles on the battlefield, from direct fire support to command to urban assault. This versatility is what made the BattleMaster so memorable and so famous throughout the Successor States.


The BattleMaster carried a Donal PPC as its main weapon, which allowed the ’Mech to cause damage at ranges exceeding five hundred meters. For close range combat, the ’Mech was armed with six Martell Medium Lasers, which gave the ’Mech the ability to unleash a devastating barrage of lasers at short to medium ranges. The short-range firepower was further enhanced with a Holly SRM-6, which could seek out weak points in the enemy‚Äôs armor. Finally, the BattleMaster was equipped with two Sperry Browning Machine Guns, which deterred infantry attacks.

Unit Holdings

Battlemaster BLR-1D

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