Thunderbolt TDR-5S

Production Specifications Armament
Model: TDR-5S Mass: 65 tons 1 x Large Laser
Class: Heavy Chassis: Earthwerk TDR 1 x LRM-15
Cost: 5,413,760 C-bills Armor: Ryerson 150 2x Machine Guns
Engine: Magna 260 3 x Medium Lasers
Comms System: Neil 8000 1 x SRM-2
Targeting Tracking : RCA Instatrac Mark X
Speed: 64.8 km/h



The Thunderbolt started production in 2491 as an assault ‘Mech. Since that time the ’Mech’s classification may have changed but it is still feared and respected by many. With the Thunderbolt’s varied arsenal, it is capable of serving in many roles. As is common for ’Mechs of its size in the era it was produced, the Thunderbolt has a maximum ground speed of 64.8 kph and does not have any jump capabilities. For protection, the Thunderbolt also carries thirteen tons of armor.

The Thunderbolt is noted for featuring an exceptionally roomy cockpit, compared to that of the Atlas or BattleMaster.


Because of its eclectic weapons mix, the Thunderbolt does not have just one primary weapon. Its longest-range weapon is a Delta Dart LRM-15 missile launcher. Next in its long range arsenal is a Sunglow Type 2 Large Laser, which provides the Thunderbolt with respectable medium to long-range firepower. As ranges close, the Thunderbolt is able to bring its three Diverse Optics Type 18 Medium Lasers and a Bical SRM-2 missile launcher into play. Finally, for anti-infantry use, the Thunderbolt has two Voelkers 200 Machine Guns.

Unit Holdings

Thunderbolt TDR-5S

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